Smiling Fish Kaka Rebirth Of A Star: Another Day, Another Drama
Chen Meimei was 180 cms tall with rolls of fat all over her body. When she walked, she would jiggle left and right, like a big pumpkin. Fu Bainian was a handsome man with a tall, slender build, and wherever he went all eyes would follow him. He walked in the spotlight and lived like a movie star. When their parents proposed marriage, Fu Bainian sneered and thought to himself, ‘she’s a toad wishing to eat swan meat’. He firmly rejected any thoughts of marriage. But then…
Enoshima Suzu Endo And Kobayashi\'s Live Commentary On The Villainess
『She’s always putting on that grumpy face even though she’s not actually that upset! Oh, why can’t she just be honest with herself…!?』 『She is a tsundere, after all? When her embarrassment levels exceed a certain limit, she will explode into anger. And if she has a point to make in such a way, she won’t care about how many people are watching.』 As Endo-kun passionately reacts to the antics of Lady Liselotte, the villainess of an otome game, Kobayashi-san provides a painstaking
木恒 Seized by the System
Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation? What’s in store for Fang Ning?
_Alien The Spoiled Girl
“Do you still want to run away after what happened last night?” Their relationship changes overnight. She tries to keep her distance from him, while he comes closer and closer. Spoiling her, he gives her everything she desires. His only wish is to keep her around. The whole world is envious of what she has. “Never rush in a relationship,” she says calmly. “I will wait until you fall in...
Ninestar619_5803 Prince Leo and a flower
Leo has power that chances in summer and winter. What problems and troubles he faces with it. What is the history will he accept it to be his own. come and read togather
Littlebutterfly My boss is my ex-lover
She broke up with him five years ago. She [Natalie Zhuang] came from the rich family in a corporate world. He [Jian Hong] is an A lister actor who came from an average family. When the time he need her mosts, that was the same time that she turned her back away from him. She dumped him; later on he learn that she's getting married. Five years later, their world...